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Harmony in living at Settlers crossing 

Welcome to Settlers Crossing. This website is your portal to a neighborhood rich with amenities and unique features, all highlighted in our Photo Gallery. Here, you'll discover the perfect blend of community spirit and individual comfort, making every day in Settlers Crossing a truly exceptional experience.

Settlers Crossing Edmond Entrance
Setters Crossing Edmond - Harmony in Living

Governing DOCUMENTs

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Access the Settler's Crossing CCRs to stay informed about community standards, guidelines, and the principles shaping our neighborhood.


Explore the Bylaws for a comprehensive understanding of our community's governance, operational guidelines, and your responsibilities as a resident.


Applications for Fencing & Architectural Modifications

  • Fencing Modification: Ready to enhance your property's perimeter? Access our fencing modification guidelines and application form to ensure your project aligns with community standards.
  • Architectural Remodeling: Considering a home makeover? Download our architectural remodeling guidelines and submit your plans for approval to transform your space while respecting our community's aesthetic.
Settlers Crossing Edmond - Applications for Fencing & Architectural Modifications

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